Thursday, September 13, 2012

Damn Yankees!

Back in the days when my beloved Blue Jays were winning ball games with regularity, I walked into a New York Police Precinct in a tough part of town one night wearing a Jays cap.

A big, black desk Sergeant eyed me dourly over his reading glasses and quipped, “You trying to get shot?”.

There are no more entitled feeling fans than New York Yankee fans.

And there is no greater joy for every other fan in the league than watching your team beat the Yankees.

This season, for a whole lot of reasons, the Yankees have become adept at beating themselves. And God, that is just the icing on the cake for the rest of us.

Some have even gotten cocky about the pinstripe demise. And I think what follows might even bring a bittersweet smile to a Yankee fan.

Sorry, guys. Time to start bragging on the Rangers for a few months. Because this year, they’re lookin’ real…

Oh, wait…

The gates at the Gardens are locked?

Oh. This could be a real long, cold winter in the Big Apple, couldn’t it…?

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