Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 255: Look At This Instagram

What? Two weeks into a new year and there’s been no Nickleback at The Legion?

Well, let’s fix that right now. God knows this is a blog mostly devoted to Art.

A few years back, I sat in a network notes meeting on a France/Canada/Whoever co-production series also attended by a very fine French writer and a know-it-all broadcast exec.

Assuring us he was “the best dialogue man in the business”, said Exec set about acting out a scene in the writer’s episode he wanted revised, giving a performance that was not only completely bereft of creativity but revealed he didn’t have a clue what the show was.

Wrapping up the session with a self-satisfied grin, he snapped his fingers at the writer and said, “That’s how it’s done in Hollywood!” and swung out the door.

The writer dropped his head on the desk. I asked if he was okay. He responded quietly…

“Ses jours nous sommes tous des artistes…”

These days we’re all artists.

And –- these days –- what with the Internet, auto-tune and instagram, it seems most of us are.

Or think we are.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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