Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 269: Storm Surfers 3D

Internet “news” site, The Onion, summed up the past few days better than anybody…

“Jesus. This Week.”

Expanding that with –- “This fucking week, sources added. Christ.”

Whether the recent shit storm is over is anybody’s guess. But in such times, one of my tools for overcoming any inclination toward despair or cynicism is to find something to look forward to.

As the saying goes, “This too shall pass” although it never quit predicts exactly when the passing will occur –- or whether what follows will be better or worse.

Thus, amid the darkness, something caught my attention, bringing with it not only the promise of excitement and adventure but almost dismissing the gloom with a promise of sunlight and fresh air that its 3D format might almost make fully real.

I’m sure other documentaries have been shot in 3D, but their titles escape me. And its exciting to consider what that genre making such a move could mean.

I don’t know when “Storm Surfers 3D” will be released where you are. But I have a feeling it’s gonna lift your spirits when it does.

Let’s hope this taste erases some of last week and helps you to…

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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Joel Scott said...

The closest we came to surfing growing up in the prairies was skate boarding behind CKCK radio's parking lot, on the fimetal wheeled skateboards. There was one paved small hill there that brought hours of enjoyment to 13 year olds. No waves breaking there, only thing breaking was the odd bone !