Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Welcome To The Show

The 2013 Baseball season opens in Canada today, with little doubt among most Canadians that the home team will be the last one standing in the American League come October.

While our last World Series hero, Joe Carter, might remind us that there are still games to play first, it’s been a long time (like 20 years) since I’ve been this excited about my beloved Blue Jays.

But sadly, there is one category in which the Jays are not shining.


And you’d think this would be a foregone conclusion, residing as they do at the center of the Canadian Media Universe and owned, as they are, by one of the nation’s largest media conglomerates.

Yet, oddly, it’s the conglomerate and not the team who are at the forefront of the opening day hoopla, with ads showcasing Rogers’ websites, leading radio personality and mobility options as onscreen fans crowd toward a stadium named after the company founder.

Is it the enjoyment of baseball that’s being sold here or the options Rogers feels you need in order to fully enjoy what’s to come?

Is it perhaps reflective of the eternal need for Canadian broadcasters to place themselves ahead of the talent?

Elsewhere, the Jays are pwned by teams selling players, excitement and attitude.

For example. On the field, Toronto will own the Chicago White Sox this season. But when it comes to hype, the Chisox are already striking them out.

Of added interest is that their video is geo-blocked in Canada. But you can find it here.

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