Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 283: They Call Me The Breeze

Let me do something special for you.

It’s Sunday morning. You got the time to make yourself a big breakfast. Maybe you have friends coming over for brunch so you’re getting ready for that. Or you’re already at your favorite coffee haunt, kicking back with a croissant and a Cappuccino.

The day stretches ahead with its endless possibilities, needing only the right kick to point it in a good direction.

And the kick must be suited to a easy Summer day –- effortless.

When a suspect loses a cop, the cop says he’s “in the wind”. Gone without a trace. Virtually without effort. The wind just took him.

A few years ago, guitarist JJ Cale, writer of such hits as “After Midnight”, “Cocaine” and “Crazy Mama” wrote a song called “They Call Me The Breeze” –- about a guy who lives his life without stress, agitation or conflict. Effortless.

I don’t know if that’s how JJ Cale lived his own life, which came to a quiet end yesterday. But it’s certainly how he played.

Which makes him the perfect kickstart for a day such as today.

For those with the time, an hour of JJ Cale recorded live in 1979.

And for those in a hurry, “They Call Me The Breeze”.

Keep it effortless and…

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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