Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday #295: The Four Horsemen

Governments going broke, shutting down or simply not working. Terrorists at the mall. Massive unemployment. Dollars that don’t stretch as far as they used to. Somebody’s to blame for this.

Somebody must be. My daily Facebook feed is solid with depredations committed by both the Left and Right and even those who refuse to commit one way or another. 

Are we in the “End Times”?

Is the civilization we know collapsing?

Are the frantic, Cheerleaders of Doom on CNN and Fox sensing an inevitable future or panicking because they might get unbundled from our cable packages?

Or maybe it’s something else.

Something in us as a species that we’ve never come to terms with, tried to evolve from or had the courage to face head on.

The following full-length documentary has been a major selection at film festivals world-wide. And now you can watch it at The Legion.

It might even explain why there is a “New Golden Age of Television” and/or why you’re not part of it.

But it ain’t pretty. So watch it now. And then try to…

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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