Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday #296: Follow Your Arrow

About the worst thing that can happen in life is having somebody else define who you are for the rest of the world.

Yet so many people diligently work at making their version of those they dislike for one reason or another the accepted narrative, never considering what it will be like when (inevitably) Karma kicks in and it’s their turn to be painted as something they really aren’t.

Most Media thrives on the shorthand that comes from calling up a quick stereotype and letting the audience draw the requisite picture in their head. It makes the hard work of understanding who that person or group is so completely unnecessary.






Right away you not only know who they’re talking about, but a good chunk of what you’re supposed to think of them.

Take Redneck.

Where I grew up, we were all pretty much rednecks. Officially, the term describes somebody who works outside, the sun baking that body part un-shaded by a hat or shirt collar until it’s burnt red.

But it’s come to mean those who are rigid and insensitive, probably racist, most likely opposed to abortion and Gay marriage, disrespecting of free-thinking women and clinging to their bibles and guns.

These are the people who killed Captain America in “Easy Rider” and made “Deliverance” more fact than fantasy.

And they’re addicted to Country music…

And yet, the hottest song on the Country charts these days is a reminder that most of those so quickly defined and pigeon-holed don’t really belong in that simplistic box, nor -- as I’m sure you’d agree, do the others for whom we’ve found one word containers.

Nothing pure is ever simple. And nothing simple is ever pure.

To understand that, all you have to do is “Follow Your Arrow”.

And Enjoy Your Sunday.

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