Friday, June 13, 2014

Pool Report: The Dog Days

Those of you still paying attention may have noticed I didn’t post a pool report last Monday. Partly because it was the eve of what could well have been the final game. But mostly because the languorous pace at which this final series has been scheduled meant that there had only been a single game since we last charted our progress.

Yeah, I know everybody’s bruised and battered and there’s a cross-continent flight between games. But please –- if we’re being sensitive, could we do something to keep fan interest from flagging? I walked into a sports bar last night to see one lonely Ranger sweater among a sea of NBA and World Cup jerseys. Bettman! Dude! People are moving on!!!

That said, it’s good to know the Rangers finally showed up to reignite a little interest. Although I’m not sensing a sudden win streak that gets us to a pumped up Game 7.

As a side note, the Rangers forcing a game 5 and Don Cherry’s correct prediction of #4’s outcome appears to have knocked a whole lot of people out of contention in the Props contest.

But let’s not get depressed. I’ve been wrong before. Just look at the standings if you don’t believe me.

And the Standings are:

Will Pascoe in first. Jon Brooks hanging in at second and Maurey Loeffler in third by a point.

Back Monday. Possibly with a winner. If not I’m sure we’ll have one by this time next week. Which I suppose is one less week we’ll have to watch guys running around on some Brazilian lawn pretending they’re doing something exciting…

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