Sunday, January 04, 2015

Lazy Sunday # 357: Yearbook

Okay, time to shut the party down and get back to work.

Fun as the holidays were,it’s firmly 2015 and the first official day of nose to the grindstone is Monday.

And if most of you are anything like the so-called journalists of the so-called Main Stream Media, you’ve spent the last few days downloading new productivity apps and boning up on the Life hacks that will give you more time to work more productively.

Allow me to remind you of the Writer’s unspoken code: Less is more.

Your script can always be shorter. You don’t really need that cop character who’s only in one scene even though he has a wonderfully ironic sense of humor.

The same way you’ve been de-cluttering your closets this weekend, you need to remove everything that doesn’t move things forward or enrich character.

By following these simple tenets, many writers have managed to make a living. And in the process have discovered that sanding away the unnecessary in your own life, you get to its inherent truth.

No better illustrated than by way of Bernardo Britto’s 2014 Sundance Film Festival winner for Best Short Film – “The Yearbook”.

Hack away and be productive on Monday.


Enjoy Your Sunday.

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