Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When Tuesday Is Really Another Monday

I’ve always felt Mondays were a lot like Opening Night in the Theatre. Everybody comes in ready to kick ass. There’s a specific goal to be achieved. Even the most disinterested member of the audience is primed to get something done.

Similarly most of us start off the work week with a set agenda. We’ve got something to accomplish in the coming days and we’ve caught up on sleep so we’re clear-eyed and firing on all cylinders.

And then comes Tuesday.

In theatrical terms, Tuesday is the second night of the run. You’re still a little hung over from the Opening Night party. And you begin to realize that everything you achieved last night has to be, at the least, repeated and, in the best case, improved upon from here until the final curtain.

Life begins to look like one long obstacle course.

Likewise, we all know that in our work lives, we didn’t get as much done on Monday as we planned. Perhaps some crisis erupted to re-direct our energies. Or maybe, despite all the best intentions, everything just went to rat shit.

So we begin Tuesday with an extra cup of coffee. We attempt to re-group and re-focus, searching for something to bring back our commitment, our creativity and our excitement.

I think this will help.

It’s adrenaline charged, eye-opening and endlessly creative. If you’re not inspired to do something special with your day after this, no amount of coffee will change things.

And you can thank French filmmaker Candide Thovex for turning things around. Please click the Youtube logo and watch full screen.

Sometimes Tuesday can far better than Monday.

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