Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday #363: Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone

I caught a concert by one of my Country icons this week – Lucinda Williams. Backed by members of Dallas Bob Dylan cover band “Buick Six” and “Wallflowers” guitarist Stuart Mathis, it was an evening that bounced through so many genres the music might as well be labelled Current Americana.

Williams has always been hard to pin down, one of the reasons she’s so rewarding to listen to. But at her heart she’s simply a phenomenal songwriter building on genes of a celebrated poet father that have travelled through every environment from Bayou swamps to dry West Texas prairie.

It’s kinda pointless to write about somebody who’s been in-depthed by everybody who wants to work for “Rolling Stone”. And I’ve always figured it was kinda cruel to rave about a concert that’s come and gone and therefore inaccessible to anybody reading the review.

But I found this –- a mini-set Williams and her trio did for Seattle FM station KEXP the night before she played my town. Simply follow the video below to Youtube and click on the appended KEXP links.

And Enjoy Your Sunday…

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