Monday, February 16, 2015

Searching For Candy

John Candy - Searching for Candy

A short while ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by British writer Tracey Morgan for her biography of Canadian actor and comedian John Candy.

Unhappy that her publisher had requested “more scandalous content” and aware from talking to those who knew the man that he lived a far from salacious life, Tracey has decided to self-publish her book.

She’s currently crowd-funding the project and already 40% of the way to her goal. If you can help bring the full story of this amazing Canadian to fruition please make a contribution here.

Both hard copy and e-editions of the book will be available shortly. And you can follow the project here.

John gave so much joy to so many people. It would be great for those who remember him to learn just how special he was.

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