Friday, April 24, 2015

Pool Report #2: Winnipeg, My Winnipeg

As I stated somewhere else this week, any town with fans who think this is how you drink beer deserves to see their team go out in four…

I’m truly sorry, Winnipeg. You used to be where I went to have fun. Thank God one of us grew up.

But seriously, this is just in time. The snow around Portage and Main is almost gone. Meaning one thing. It’s mosquito season.

winnipeg mosquito

The fate of two of the remaining three Canadian teams will probably be sealed over the weekend. How’d you like the way Kesler played for Anaheim, Vancouver? Are you thinkin’ maybe you shoulda traded the Twins instead? Be nice to have some men on the ice vs Calgary, wouldn’t it?

I can’t be as hard on Ottawa. They’re trying. And they already have to live in Ottawa. But by Sunday the Flea Market will be back in the Canadian Tire parking lot with Sens merchandise going cheap.

For the most part the first round is turning out to be fairly predictable. That would certainly seem to be the case if the Infamous Writers Pool is any reflection.

Will Dixon hangs onto his slim lead with Wli Zmak, Chris Sheasgreen and yours truly barely a point behind.

But that could all change in the next couple of days. It’s still far too early to determine how this season is going to play out.

Pop another twist top and enjoy the weekend. And if you love your team, skip the Winnipeg shampoo.


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