Monday, April 27, 2015

Pool Report: A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times…

It was the worst of times…

Ottawa, I know you’re feeling bad this morning. But you fought hard and you earned a lot of respect from hockey fans coast to coast.

And that showing plus Montreal and Calgary going forward might be giving the Brendan Shanahan and Trevor Linden a rebuilding hint –-add some red to the uniforms.

Minnesota and Chicago came through round one this weekend, so we only await tonight’s battles between Washington and New York’s Islanders as well as Detroit  vs Tampa to round out the brackets for Round Two.

Here in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool, somebody who gave up on the Blues after three seasons and bet on their rivals pulled into the top spot with Will Dixon and Wil Zmak following – for now.

Now I don’t expect any plaudits for this. In fact, just treat me the way the Habs treated Carey Price last night after he led them to the next round…

The standings as of this morning.

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