Sunday, November 08, 2015

Lazy Sunday # 401: Common Sense

This week I had a lot of people bemoaning somebody else’s lack of common sense. Common sense about money. About driving. About relationships.

Now everybody has their own definition of common sense. Einstein once described it as the collection of prejudices you acquire by the age of 18. And we all know what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for anybody else.

But the reality is on a certain level common sense is not quite so common.


My own definition would go something like –- there are things I take for granted based on experience. And that experience comes from seeing the outcomes of actions. No decision ever stands alone. And if you think enough steps ahead, you’ll get to the point where negative consequences may outweigh the positive. Then you need to decide if the original decision is worth the risk.

So I guess common sense comes down to –- how far ahead are you thinking things through?

Friday night, Bill Maher had a great line about all those fed up with politicians who want somebody not part of the “political establishment” running things. “If their kid needed brain surgery, would they say “Not that guy, he’s a medical insider!”.

Common sense says sometimes you need to get past your agenda or at least think it through a little farther.


And this week I found a place where you can do that. A place where you can take a hard look at your prejudices or beliefs or whatever you think makes sense –- and take your thinking maybe a step or two further.

It’s called Prager U and you can find a bunch of their “instructional videos” here.

Here’s a taste. If it makes sense, try some more.

And –- Enjoy Your Sunday.

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