Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday # 402: The Roadie

Three separate pieces make a rock concert. The band. The audience. The Roadies. Take away any and the show ain’t on.

Yeah, the band could carry in their own instruments and amps. But the set-up wouldn’t be as good and would take a lot longer. The music wouldn’t be balanced or sound the same in all parts of the venue. The players wouldn’t have the same energy. The crowd would invade the stage or otherwise misbehave.

Nope. Roadies are essential. They do the grunt work. They make sure all the technical problems are solved. They protect the band and the music. In many ways they love what the band does more than the guys getting all the adulation.

Roadies drive all night. They go without sleep so the band can rest. They do the drug buys. They comfort the Groupies who don’t get chosen after the show.

Roadies get electrocuted. They are swept away by windblown set pieces and light stands. They are crushed under trucks and collapsing stages. But nothing deters them from the task at hand.

They are willing to take a bullet for the music.

Friday night, Nick Alexander, a member of the road crew for Palm Desert’s “Eagles of Death Metal”  was among the first to die in Paris’ Bataclan Theatre

His grieving family issued a short statement taking comfort in the fact that Nick died “doing what he loved”.

Other than acknowledging that no one else among their number or from their opening act, “The Deftones” was hurt, the “Eagles of Death Metal” have been silent since the attack.

Tragedies of this magnitude can kill a band. The notoriety alone might do that. Which would be a shame. “The Eagles of Death Metal” are one of the finest rock acts around right now. They’re a joy to see live and darn good fun to listen to anywhere anytime.

Their music is so infectious, you can have no doubt that the last living moments of Nick Alexander and the rest of those murdered in that Paris theatre were filled with happiness.

ISIS will one day die. Rock and Roll not so much.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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