Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lazy Sunday # 410: The Chilliwack Channel

Like most people, Canadians included, my first exposure to Chilliwack, BC was the 70's band of the same name who apparently didn't even live there.

A city of around 80,000 nestled in a picturesque spot in the Fraser Valley, it's primarily known for farming and bad city planning. "A mere 2 hours from civilization" as it's described by the hip-wah-zee of cosmopolitan Vancouver.

But this week, with Canadian media beginning the process of educating us on what we can expect when cable "unbundles" our channel packages, a video appeared suggesting Chilliwack might be the bellwether of what we find interesting enough to watch in the year to come.

Local homeowner Rob Iezzi, for reasons that become apparent on viewing, has his home surrounded with surveillance cameras.

He uploaded a synopsis of what those cameras recorded during 2015 and it's far more interesting than anything you're going to find on A&E, History, Biography or a whole host of other channels you finally have a chance to boot from your cable package 10 weeks from now.

By merely capturing what's going on outside his front and back doors, Iezzi has not only matched or beaten the viewer numbers most Canadian dramas get in an average week, he's revealed a vast untapped audience for the ultimate reality show -- "Shit That Just Happens Everywhere Everyday".

Trust me, this is a future a lot of people are going to embrace.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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Win said...

Tweeted to Chilliwack Mayor @sharongaetz if this is her view of Chilliwack.