Monday, April 02, 2007


Last week's numbers on our Canadian broadcasters' minuscule Drama spend in favor of imported shows and cheaply made non-drama programs as well as their increasingly privileged and protected position within our industry, got me thinking about an extremely wealthy producer for whom I once worked.

He went on a rant the day the government extended some media tax benefit to American Studios bringing their productions here. Bad enough he had to hire Canadians to get content points, but now his tax money was being used to fund the competition.

It's never fun when what goes around, comes around. As the quality of online content increases, there's no doubt it'll soon come around for our library bereft Canadian broadcasters.

Yesterday, humor site, "The Onion" launched its online news network. Here's a great sample to kick start your week. You can find the daily updates HERE.

Immigration: The Human Cost

Still Ahead: "Child Labor Uprising Easily Suppressed".

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