Friday, May 07, 2010

Pool Standings Wk3: Franzen The Talking Mule

For the first time in this year’s playoffs the first tee at the golf course is empty this morning. No freshly shaved hockey players to disturb the soft “Fut-fut” of the sprinklers. No heart-broken poolies taking a sharp crayon to the list that looked so promising mere days ago. And a whole lot of Detroit Red Wing fans heaving a huge sigh of relief.

pool wk3-2

Man, there I am, almost hockey’d out by that amazing Montreal victory over Pittsburgh last night. I mean, drained by the excitement of those last few minutes. And just as an aside, if the NBA wants to pump their slumping numbers, maybe somebody oughta look at the difference between the last two minutes of one of their games compared to what goes on in hockey.

Anyway, I decide to give a quick look-in on Detroit, thinking I’m gonna see San Jose’s Two-Joe-Show send a few of those guys off to an early retirement and there’s Johan Franzen beating them almost single handed.

The guy they used to call “The Mighty Mule” was back and if that inspirational performance turns Detroit around, their only worry might be Todd Bertuzzi’s playoff beard making him too top heavy. God, how big is that thing?

pool wk3-1

So here we are at the end of Week 3 with another solid week of great games behind us. Montreal is still Cinderella. Vancouver is still wondering why it can’t figure out Chicago. And I’m trying to figure out how fat some NY stock broker’s finger is to get it all the way from “m” to “b” on a keyboard so the market collapses.

Do any of those media guys actually look at a keyboard before reporting that stuff? And for anybody believing that cover-up whopper, I got some Greek Government Bonds I can let you have for a couple of barrels of olive oil.

And speaking of the unbelievable --- John Whaley has shot to the head of the pack in this week’s pool standings, taking a commanding 8 point lead. This is a guy whose season would have been done if Franzen hadn’t kept making sure his hat-trick would stand up to the score keeper’s video review.

Last week’s leaders are joined by WGC whiz-kid David Kinahan and not to get any of these guys hearing footsteps, but there’s past winner and co-winner Will Pascoe making an appearance in the top ranks.

Whatever happens between Boston and Philadelphia this weekend probably won’t have much effect on the standings, but one more stumble in Vancouver or Detroit and things will look a whole lot different next week.

“B”eantime, enjoy the great hockey. We’re not even half done here.

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