Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pool Standings Wk5: At Least Somebody's Having Fun

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As Uncle Willis correctly assessed the situation a few days ago, this year's pool has kinda slid sideways. And the fact that I'm in 3rd place is proof positive that the Hockey Gods have been tinkering with the Laws of Probability as well as Karma.

And yet, I don't get the sense anybody is losing interest in how this weird post-season is playing itself out. Even though almost every game in the final conference rounds has been a blow-out, there's still a feeling that nobody has a lock on getting to hoist Lord Stanley's mug.

Can Chicago keep tying up Joe Thornton forever? Which white hot goalie in the Eastern final is going to flame out first? Tempers are fraying. The character of guys who haven't come this far to lose is starting to show. I'm thinking we've got some spectacular hockey coming in the next few days.

None of these teams know how to roll over and die.

And also coming for you guys who are feeling out of the race is your opportunity to redeem yourselves. With the final round comes the Infamous Writers Hockey Props, with more tests of your game prowess and bigger prizes. And even if you didn't enter a team in this year's pool, you're eligible to participate.

More details once we get past the semis.

This week, Foster and Pascoe continue to duke it out for the lead. But there's a dark horse coming up behind them. One injury or one forward going cold and there could be a whole different outcome.

That old T-shirt that read "Hockey is Life" spoke a great truth. Because in Hockey, as in Life -- it's never what you were expecting.

This week's standings:

pool stand 5

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Anonymous said...

Geez, if only the Hawks would lose a game or two, I might be able to get them in the stretch!

Barry Kiefl (sp?)