Friday, May 14, 2010

Pool Standings Wk4: The Mighty Smurfs Strike Back

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I’m torn between jumping on the bandwagon and asking somebody in Montreal to pick me up a free pair of Reeboks if the Canadiens get through the next round.

The media here are calling the surprising Montreal Canadiens Giant Killers and Smurfs (because of how small most of them are) and if the Cinderella run continues we know we’ll be treated to endless essays about how nobody thought to measure the size of their hearts. On ESPN, Barry Melrose is doing his e-trade baby shocked expression (not seen since the last time somebody said they thought he could coach).

All I’m seeing is a team that came to play taking the ice against guys who’ve been reading too much of their own press.

But that’s the beauty of hockey, isn’t it? Four and a half million Canadians showing up to root for an 8th seed team. And you can bet there will be even more of them whether they’re playing the conference final against either the 6th or 7th best team from their side of the season.

Like Canadian show business the game doesn’t draw because of the stars but because the work is worthy.

Over in the West, San Jose laces up against Chicago, the two top seeds over there. Lots of stars, to be sure. But the game here is between those who have underachieved and might be sensing their last shot versus some new guys determined to make a name for themselves.

This is gonna stay fun on a whole lot of levels.

Though maybe not for everybody in the pool. We’ve got five guys already out, doomed to slowly sink to the bottom as those remaining outpoint them. And not one Smurf Nation believer in the bunch. Goes to show that you can’t go with the chalk when it comes to picking a pool roster.

But I don’t want you guys to give up and go away. We’ve still got Props coming up for the final round. So your opportunity to pick up some hockey swag is not completely lost.

This week in the Pool, Mike Foster continued to pull away. But like three-peat contender Will Pascoe, who’s right behind him, he’s only got players from one team remaining. So there are still other guys with a good shot of turning the standings around.

That shakeout should be happening by the time Willis posts his update next week.

Meantime, enjoy the hockey and the media frenzy.

Oh, and those Reeboks need to be a Size 7 --- I’m a bit of a Smurf myself.

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