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The first season of the best show on television concluded last night.

If you live in Canada, you might want to ask Canadian networks once again why they are programming reunion episodes of series that concluded just last week or scheduling the "Yule Log" for national broadcast on Christmas day when there is stuff people might actually get excited about still available.

Better yet, just find an anonymizer that gets you around the Hulu geo-lock and watch "Terriers" there.

Canadian networks have repeatedly proven they don't care about their audiences or even buying the best foreign made product available. They're just American network rebroadcasters and imitators who'll soon be out of a job.

Word on various financial pages today is that Hulu is about to go International. And once that happens, Rogers better have a hockey team to pay the bills and Bell might actually have to cut their mobile customers a few deals to keep their own doors open.

Wait. Better option is to buy the series on iTunes. It's actually well worth the money and the people who make the show have families to feed and Ferraris to buy so they can make all of the major network execs who turned them down look as inconsequential and unintelligent as they apparently are.

Nobody knows if FX will renew "Terriers" for another season yet. But if quality and originality count for anything, somebody will find a way.

This was a classy new series in every imaginable category. Everything about it reflected the care and commitment that goes into making superb television. And that sort of class was restated in the letter the show's creators released to their fans just prior to the Finale.

Dear "Terriers" watchers,

On the eve of our season finale -- and, as far as we know, it is a season finale -- we wanted to thank you for tuning in and supporting the show and, most of all, for embracing Hank and Britt with such enthusiasm and devotion. 

We're very proud of "Terriers" and are grateful/gratified it found an audience as intelligent, discerning and handsome as you.  So, on behalf of all the actors and writers and directors and crew members and everyone who worked on the show, thanks.  And we hope to do it again next year.

Ted Griffin & Shawn Ryan & Tim Minear

P.S. If you think of it, you might watch tomorrow's episode LIVE if you can; it's called (for no particular reason) "Hail Mary" and we hope you enjoy it.

Also, if you happen to know a Nielsen family, this could be a great opportunity to reconnect by inviting yourself over to watch it at their place.

Super too would be if when you got home after, you Hulu'd the show.  Then gifted it via iTunes to everyone you love/can barely stand.  Just a thought.  It's what our mothers are doing.

As one of those watchers, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Minear, I gotta say thanks to you as well. You restored my faith that good television didn't have to come with a multi-million dollar per episode price tag.

And if FX does throw a little extra your way next season, feel free to keep it. You've earned it because hardly anybody has noticed all the corners you had to cut -- because you cut them with talent and imagination and by understanding that great stories, great characters, great dialogue and tight close-ups hide pretty much everything you couldn't afford.

And to all my Canadian readers -- we're heading into Christmas party season. Take an opportunity to corner one of those network execs who frequently jets South to purchase programming and ask -- nay demand -- that they buy you something worthwhile next time.

If FX makes a little money, "Terriers" lives and watching TV becomes the pleasure it's supposed to be.

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