Friday, December 03, 2010

Less Class

A year ago, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen collapsed amid allegations of falsified research and a growing sense that policies like the Kyoto Accord had more to do with economic and political agendas than actually combating Global Warming.

This after more private jets than could be accommodated by every airport in Denmark and more limos than could be supplied by all of Western Europe had left hefty carbon footprints ferrying the concerned to attend. 

There was also a lot of gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in Canada (mostly on the CBC) over Canada being awarded the "Fossil of the Year" trophy for its inaction on environmental issues.

Well, it's a year later and this time the conference is in Cancun. Good thing since despite being the "hottest year on record", most of Europe and North America is already in the deepest throes of winter.

I know, I know, the planet getting hotter is manifested by its getting colder or wetter or dryer or...

And just because the Blue Jays played their first ever game and the one to mark the opening of their 30th season on the same date in a snow storm I shouldn't get the impression that weather patterns aren't shifting so rapidly that half the species on the planet will be wiped out by next Thursday and the Jays 60th season will be played in "Waterworld".

For some reason, those in the business of climate change have always resorted to doomsday scenarios and ridicule to sell their message, implying or maybe outright convinced that the rest of us are just too dumb or self-involved to understand their arguments.

So maybe it's time to take a look at what actually goes on at these conferences, to see how those who talk the talk walk the walk.

The second video will also give you a very clear idea of just how much intellectual effort and reasonable thinking goes into the "Fossil of the Year" award -- which apparently we've got a good chance of scoring again this year.

I'm not saying anybody has to behave like a Monk or a Nobel Laureate here. But maybe if you want the world to change, you could look like you take what you're saying seriously and/or practice what you preach.



DMc said...

Yeah Jim. They're douchebags.

But you're buying into a PR pushback sideshow too. You're carrying water for the "climate change isn't real" crowd.

The moral superiority is a bit misplaced.

chris said...

Americans for Prosperity?
Certainly makes the first video "fair and balanced." Credible, too, I'm sure.
The Fossil Awards? What, you've never heard of gallows humour?