Friday, April 15, 2011

Infamous Writers Pool: Week One Standings


Wow! That's how you start the Playoffs! Roberto Luongo making an impossible toe save in Vancouver. Milan Lucic trying a Bobby Orr move against Montreal. And, of course, the inevitable "Go Team" videos as the hockey version of fan-fiction goes viral.

Since there's only been one game in each Playoff series, there's not much to report this week. Other than we've got a great bunch of poolies from all over Canada and the US and once again Uncle Willis and I are proving that there's no way this thing has been fixed in our favor.

So the standings, such as they are, are below with Alex House 4 points in front after the first lap. If anybody missed or deleted the email with your secret code to check player rosters and standings anytime, let me know and we'll get those numbers to you.

Meanwhile, here's a taste of those fan videos (and I'm sure this is the tip of the looming iceberg). How much do you want to bet either one of them gets more airtime on CTV, TSN, TSN2 and the rest of the Bell Media line-up than anything from the "Lazy Canadian Producers" who keep forcing them to rely on US programming.

One from Pittsburgh and one from Vancouver -- and you'll notice how much Internet production has already become self-referential. Back Monday with the next update, by which time the direction of all the playoff series will have begun to take shape.




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