Monday, April 25, 2011

Pool Report: Wk3 Begins

it ain't over

No it's not! Not by a long shot.

This year's first round may be one of the most tightly fought ever. Yes, Phoenix were gone in four and New York and Anaheim weren't far behind. But the rest of the field looks like it may take the rest of the week to sort out.

I know you Vancouver/Chicago and Montreal/Boston watchers are already wrung out by how bizarrely both of those series have been swinging.

But imagine how the folks in San Jose and Philadelphia feel. They were dealing with bottom seeds too and those guys aren't going without a fight either.

And given that I pinned my hopes to the Tampa Bay Lightning this season, I'm loving how long their high-scoring tilt with Pittsburgh is taking.

So with all the ups and downs over the weekend, the IWHP (Infamous Writers Hockey Pool) is still anybody's to win.

Mr. McGrath still clings to top spot, something I'm sure he'll lord over the rabid NHL fans he encounters in Paris over the coming weeks.

From personal experience I know there's nothing the waiters in any red canopied sports bistro like better than switching the TV from boring old Euro-Cup Whatever to a Buffalo/Philly Game Seven. Especially if there's a chance it'll go to overtime.

Matt Racicot is close behind him, however. A thought that must give both of them pause.

Alex House and Tim Stubinski share third spot and -- whoa -- why, look who's climbed all the way from the lower depths to fifth!

Also making his move from the back of the pack is Mr. Dixon, out of the basement for a quick breath of clean air -- before he'll undoubtedly sink back.

By the time we get to the next report on Friday, the first round will be done, likely extracting a heavy toll on a few poolies in the process.

Dontcha love livin' on the edge like this?

The Standings as of this morning:


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goat-on-a-stik said...

the look on that goalie's face is priceless