Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pool Report: Wk2 Begins


Sorry I'm a day late with the Monday Pool Report but I was kinda busy with the post below this one. Priorities. They can so get the way of what feels more important.

And there was "headhunting" involved.

So I guess you could draw a parallel since it seems hockey players can get suspended for head hits but there's no supplementary discipline for network executives doing the same. Maybe screenwriters need to adopt their own "code" if you know what I mean.

Anyway, we're not even halfway into the first round and bodies are already strewn around the ice from questionable body contact. Brent Seabrook is out for tonight's game in Chicago after a doozie that didn't get called. Meanwhile both Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay will be without a couple of key players suspended for being naughty.

So far the only poolie apparently suffering a head injury would be fellow IWHP organizer Will Dixon, inhabiting the basement for the second week running.

Some might say this is because Dix is a multi-hyphenate in the industry and therefore had to endure being multiply slagged this week by our broadcasters for being a producer ("lazy") director ("inexperienced") and writer ("brutal"). But the untold secret is that Uncle Willis actually makes his picks based on how hot their girlfriends are.

Meanwhile, Alex House has retaken the lead with some other minor shifts up and down as the rest of us jockey for position. You Vancouver fans are definitely smiling a little more widely these days and may have semi-permanent grins in place by this evening.

But remember that this is a hockey pool and while it's great that your team can take a series 4-0, some of us are going to be racking up a whole lot of points while you wait for the next round. Oh -- do I see that "Why did we have to get Chicago first?" worried look coming back….

Ah, Vancouver. It isn't just the weather that's unpredictable.

See you all Friday.



goat-on-a-stik said...

cool, thanks for this :)

Anonymous said...

Something woke the Hawks up; head shots are now the extra skater. Could the Hawks do what the '61 team failed to do? The hockey gods are playing some strange games.

Barry Kiefl