Friday, April 27, 2012

Pool Report: Week Three Ends


This is the point in the Playoffs I call “The Long Shuffle”. The first battle is over. Everybody’s hurting. And there’s still a round to go before the conference finals and the chance to claim any real kudos or trophies.

A week from now, nobody will remember who you beat in round one. Because you’ll be fighting for your playoff life with whoever you got in round two.

Off the ice, many at the top of the pool will begin a slow steady slide to the bottom, their best point earners no longer around. Meanwhile those who gambled on long-shots still in the hunt will commence their slow ascent through the rankings.

The infamous Writers Hockey Pool is still almost anybody’s to win.

Okay, not those of you who went all in on Pittsburgh and Vancouver. I’m talking about the other guys.

But let’s not have anybody with a lot of players still hanging around start thinking they’re some kind of hockey smarty pants! CBC doesn’t pay this guy $800,000 a year for nothing…


I’m not sure what’s funnier about that tweet, the verbal blooper or the suggestion that Hockey Night’s resident whipping boy has any say at all in what Don does on Coach’s Corner.

So let’s hurry on to Round 2, which kicks off tonight in Phoenix, with a full weekend of games to follow.

Let the Shufflin’ begin…


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