Monday, April 16, 2012

Pool Report: Week Two Begins


Okay –- are we having fun yet?

Maybe not if you’re a Pittsburgh or Vancouver fan. But if you are – are you also wondering why your team has stopped playing the game it was really good at and opted for doing something else?

And what’s got up Sydney Crosby’s ass? If you ask me it’s gas. You simply can’t drink that much Gatorade – At. Every. Single. Break. In. The. Action. – and not be suffering some major gut-busting bloat.

How many of us are already longing for a time when hockey was sponsored by beer companies. They too might’ve only filmed one commercial for the entire playoffs. But at least they had hot looking women in them. And beer.

At the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool (probably the only place where such things are noted) the game has also changed. Maurey Loeffler has charged into the lead, well ahead of past winner Barry Kiefle and newcomer John Brooks.

But that could all change if Pittsburgh doesn’t turn things around on Wednesday night. And the way this season’s playoffs are going, who knows how many of the players we picked will still be standing by the time the next pool report rolls around on Friday.

All I know is, it’s getting rough out there. Wear your helmet.


The standings as Week Two begins:

week 2-1

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