Friday, April 20, 2012

Pool Report: Week Two Gets A Suspension

Oh, the whining directed at Writers Pool headquarters on Wednesday…

“If my player is suspended can I pick another?”

“Since my guy was intentionally injured, shouldn’t I be allowed a substitute?”

And more than a few of…

“Why did I pick so many guys from Pittsburgh (Vancouver) (Detroit)!”

Yes, Life and the Playoffs are not fair. And I’m sorry things might be looking dark at the moment. But take heart. You could be this guy…

333luongo ponders

Oh, how the mighty have fallen this week! And sometimes they didn’t fall, they were pummelled to the ice.

And while I can’t help with explaining what’s happened to so many teams that seemed to have a guaranteed pass into the second round, I can clarify how the NHL goes about dispensing justice for all those attempted decapitations.

Herewith, the Official National Hockey League Suspension Guidelines:


Incidentally, if you love hockey humor and/or humor add to your favorites list. Given that we have a lot of first round teams on the brink this weekend, a few of you may be in need of a smile come our next report on Monday.

In the meantime, the standings of the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool as Week Two prepares to have its bell rung are as follows:


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