Monday, May 07, 2012

Pool Report: Week Five Begins

Jon Hamm

Apparently John Hamm and I were in agreement. Both of us thought the Blues could pull this out, maybe go all the way.

We was wrong. Both still living in the 60’s.

The top remaining seed in the West is now gone and the whole second round in that conference could be settled tonight.

This is not going the way anybody expected is it?

Scoring leaders shut down. Guys nobody on “Hockey Night In Canada” has ever mentioned before and Bob Cole can’t remember to begin with are becoming stars.

In the East, a 40 year old goalie is keeping his team alive and franchise players are only on the ice for 3 minutes a period.

It’s like the regular season never happened and all those guys on TSN’s endless hockey panels don’t really know anything.

Except for that part where the Coyotes will leave Phoenix for Quebec City…

Oh. They’re not anymore?

And Uncle Willis is still in second place while I’m on the handshake line?

None of it makes sense.

Here’s the Standings as of this morning. God knows who’ll be where come Friday.


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Barry Kiefl said...

I seem to be sinking fast, about to intersect with my position on the the CBC's most favourite person list.

After the Hawks swooned, I lost interest but your commentary Jim is making the 2012 'offs worth following.