Friday, May 04, 2012

Pool Report: Week Four Ends


The real reason that Caps fan is pissed is because now he’s got to try and find a cab in Washington at 2:00 a.m.

Sorry the pool report’s late…

Slept in…

All these overtimes…

Which, of course, are AWESOME!!!

And drawing huge audiences. Wednesday night/Thursday morning’s Rangers/Capitals marathon drew a 93% higher rating than the last time the Rangers were in the Conference finals.

And it saved the CBC a ton of money by not having to broadcast that abysmally rated George guy’s show where the ads go for about $40 a minute.

The new season of “Republic of Doyle” might get enough of a budget bump to shoot a new establishing shot.

That’s unless Braden Holtby’s parents ask for their own show since they were on screen in Game Three longer than any of the Hockey Night in Canada staff.


But I gotta say, this second round is turning out to be far more entertaining than anticipated. The LA Kings are making the only surviving top seed in the West look like they were the ones who finished eighth – as well as maintaining a lock on Twitter trends.

Meanwhile, their first game tweet-shot at the Canucks has become the 10th most RT’d message ever, just below President Obama’s “Yes We Can!”.

Yeah, nobody cares about hockey in the States. Seriously…

In the other Western series, Nashville suspended two top players for breaking curfew, although one affected player noted, “Four o’clock isn’t really that late…” and their fans showed their support with a Tennessee version of “Thanks for all the fish.”

In the East, New Jersey has made it clear they’re not going without a fight and Washington isn’t giving New York a free pass – unless the sleep deprivation gets to them first.

It should be noted that Philly goalie Ilya Bryzgalov does not have sleep issues. He just lives in a completely different zone of consciousness. My fave quote of this week -- "The problem with sending monkeys into space is they push the wrong buttons".

Which post game locker room question preceded that answer is anybody’s guess. 

Meanwhile, in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool, the top ten spots have tightened up with Maurey Loeffler hanging onto a one point lead on John McFetridge and one high scoring game still able to slingshot several other players to first place.

It’s going to be a great weekend of hockey. And don’t count on anybody on or off the ice falling asleep. We can save that for CTV’s 2012-13 Program launch...


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