Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pool Report: Week Seven Begins

Didja feel it?

Both Sunday and Monday. Once in the East and once in the West.

That little intake of breath that let you know these Stanley Cup Playoffs just got their second wind and decided to make things more interesting.

In the West, Phoenix, and especially their aging stars, decided not to go gently into the desert night. Maybe they finally realized how few actually get this close to Stanley. Or perhaps, they at last figured out the goalie who’s stoned them three games straight.

Did you catch Ray Whitney’s interview after the game? There he was with a towel around his neck and the monkey missing from his back; looking not like a man still one game away from elimination, but one who had finally figured out the secret.

On the opposite coast, New york and New Jersey dropped all pretence and made it clear they hate each other’s guts. This one’s already guaranteed to go six and probably will take seven. And there’s no doubt it’ll only get rougher.

Poolie and Jersey fan Mike Vardy has already offered to trade his Facebook stock for tickets on Stubhub.

Meanwhile, John McFetridge has the overall pool lead by a nose. But depending on how these series end, there are a couple of folks further down the list who could be moving up fast.

Second winds work like that.


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