Friday, June 08, 2012

Pool Report: Week Nine Ends

Now, if you don’t know what this fetching young lady has to do with the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you’re just not paying attention…

That’s Taylor Stevens, an LA Porn Star originally from Toronto and a die hard Leafs fan (so she comes to her desire to finally back a Cup winner honestly).

Anyway, Taylor managed to snag seats right behind the New Jersey bench for Game Four of the Finals. She immediately tweeted her plan to distract the Devils, ensuring a Kings win. And she proceeded to do just that…

Unfortunately for Kings’ fans, Ms. Stevens appears to have provided “inspiration” instead...

For anybody who needs all the details,Taylor describes the experience here. Perhaps required listening for the CBC boneheads who conceived the unwatchable and now deservedly critically slammed “While The Men Watch” debacle.

However, the massive sports page, Twitter and Jock Blog reaction got me thinking that this might be the way to get more people Stateside to watch hockey.

Seems this season’s playoffs have been a ratings disaster for NBC with shows like “Swamp People”, “Pawn Stars” and a Mexican “friendly” soccer game all scoring far larger audiences.

But it was clear from Game 3 and 4 that most of LA’s fans took their cues more from celebrities and reality TV than an understanding of the game.

L.A. Kings fans taunted their rivals with blown up images of the Jersey Shore cast

So somebody should capitalize on that. NBC needs to create “Keeping Up With The Kovalcheks” or get the Sedin Twins on “Dancing With The Stars”. They wouldn’t even need a partner since Daniel always leads anyway.

Where’s “Cement Head Rehab” for all those enforcers chewing Oxycontin by the handful? Is there no place for “Real Housewives of Nashville” with all the players there married to Country music stars?

Why couldn’t Sydney Crosby be the next “Bachelor”? And there’s a whole ton of guys who’d have no trouble being on “Wife Swap”.

Trust me, one season of NHL players on reality shows and the Playoff ratings would be through the roof.

Those porn stars. They really are inspiring.

The standings in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool as we conclude Week Nine:


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