Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Pool Report: Will There Be A Full Week Nine?


Okay, this is just getting unfathomable.

And I don’t mean watching Hockey Night in Canada shamelessly self-promote by insisting that Pat Sajack is a huge hockey fan.

Guys, his wife kept turning his head toward the ice. And your network cancelled his show. Read something more than the memos from upstairs for a change.

No, what’s inexplicable is how the lowly LA Kings have quite simply pwned everybody else in the league, going 3-0 to begin each series and making one super-star opponent after another simply disappear.

Marty Brodeur, please don’t take what’s happening personal…

For those who can’t read lips: “Bullshit! Hey, you can’t make that call. Enough! Fuck! It was right under my pad. He was fucking whacking at it.”

Hey, there’s no team in front of you, Dude!

You want my advice? One word. Toronto. They won’t have a team in front of you either. But they’ll pay you a bundle to play until you’re 50! Maybe even 60!

Yep – this whole thing could be over tomorrow night. And if it is, it’ll have to be a supremely odd game to alter the current standings in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool.

But then, far stranger things have already happened in this season’s playoffs.

Next report Friday –- maybe sooner…


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Anonymous said...

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