Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We Got A Winner!!!


It’s a Hollywood ending. The Kings are Kings. And as we writers all know –- it’s good to be the King. Because in Hollywood, Content is King.

And in the end, the Kings became Kings because of what Martin Luther King called the Content of their character.

The last team anybody thought could win it all, never gave up or gave in. Working as a team, they beat the top three seeds in the West and defeated the gritty, experienced champions of the East.

These guys earned it. And deserved it. They epitomized what Sports Champions are supposed to be. Good on ‘em!

And good on the winners in the Sixth Annual Infamous Writers Hockey Pool in what’s been a crazy and unpredictable year!

David Kinahan takes the PROPS competition by a single point over a pack of second place entries!

In the Big Contest…

Not that this wasn’t obvious for about a week…

Maurey Loeffler finishes First!

What can I say. Good Saskatchewan Boy!


John McFetridge and Mike Vardy tie for 2nd in a dead heat.

I'll be in touch with all the winners over the next couple of days and Maurey’s address will be passed on to all poolies, so the booty of their choosing can be delivered to him.

The Legion will take care of rewarding our two 2nd Place finishers and the Props winner.

And then the 2011-12 Season will be a wrap.

I hope you all had fun and the Pool added a little something to your enjoyment of what's already the best Championship series in professional sport.

And for those hungry to redeem themselves, the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool will be back for a Seventh Season next April.

Perhaps finally featuring my beloved Maple Leafs…

Too soon?

Well, we can dream.

I hope you'll come back as well. It's been fun having you around.

Your final standings:



Barry Kiefl said...

Congrats to Maurey, I don't know how you figured out the way draft this year! Fittingly, no one finished 8th.

Maurey Loeffler said...

I don't know either. I went with the hot team and, luckily, they stayed hot.