Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get A Jump On 2013

Everyone who works in film and television is the owner of a small business. Even if the only person working there is you, how productive you are determines how successful you will be.

That’s not to say you won’t be impacted by what “They” are or are not buying this season or whether your particular skillset is in as much demand as a plumber after an earthquake or as little as a Canadian screenwriter on a Co-Production.

But all of us are better served by broadening our horizons,  attending seminars or expanding our toolbox to include new ways to save time and money or increase motivation and efficiency.

Over the last month, I attended a series of workshops conducted by Mike Vardy, a productivity expert who has guest written on this site and operates the leading Canadian productivity website.

After just one workshop, I was able to chop a couple of hours of dealing with email, phone calls and paperwork out of my day, leaving me more time for what I hopefully do best and increasing the amount of real work I complete in an average day.

And things got better from there.

Now, just in time for Christmas and the following week of making resolutions to improve your ways in 2013, Mike and other bright lights in the Productivity/Efficiency world have assembled an astonishing list of products to help you get one up on 2013.

The retail price for these products is about $500. But until January 9th, 2013 they are available in a “Kickstart The Year” package you can purchase at an 80% discount  -- or $88!

And a chunk of that bargain price also becomes a charitable donation to Goodwill for the fine community work they do across the country. So while you’re helping yourself, you’ll be helping others as well.

And what’s in the package?

Chris Brogan on Self-Reflection: The Three Words Video Webinar (Value: $47)

Gini Dietrich on Starting a Business: Starting a Business: Real-Life Experience, Tips. and Tools for Success (Value: $25)

Jeff Goins on Writing Your Book: The Writer’s Studio and How to Start Publishing for Kindle (Value: $65)

Craig Jarrow on Time Management: 31 Days, 31 Ways: Daily Tips for Time Management Mastery (Value: $31)

Lorie Marrero on Organization: Home Office Rules of Thumb: A Handy Guide to Organizing Your Time, Information, and Workspace (Value: $20)

Jonathan Mead on Making Your Dreams Happen: Reclaim Your Dreams (Value: $47)

Kate Swoboda on Living a Meaningful Life: The Courageous Living Program (Value: $125)

Dick Talens on Getting Fit: Hack Your Body By Hacking Your Brain (Value: $45)

Jaime Tardy on Taking Control of Your Finances: Eventual Millionaire Academy: Part One (Value: $67)

Mike Vardy: Four Ready Retreat Digital Workbooks on task, email, idea and time management (Value: $20)

If you really intend to turn things around or take a step up in 2013, this could be what makes all the difference.

Pick up Kickstart the year here and build a better you in 2013.

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David Bolt said...

I've always thought an essential thing is to screen out negative influences, only take advice from a small circle of like-minded individuals, look ahead and not side to side. It seems to me that this is essential no matter what you want to achieve. Along those lines, I've always liked this from Michael Caine, who is perhaps kidding(or maybe not): "My career is a fascist state. I'm the dictator, the chief of police, the head of the army. Anybody who tries to interfere is put up against the wall and shot."