Sunday, December 09, 2012

Lazy Sunday # 250: Hope On The Rocks

Just a couple more weeks to Christmas –- the season of giving.

And most of us do that.

We give gifts, throw a party, buy a round for friends, tuck some bills in a Salvation Army kettle. Sometimes we even drop cans at the food bank or park an unwrapped gift under one of those charity trees at the mall.

We give. But when it comes those truly hurting, we do it ritualistically or from a distance. Most of us don’t make the giving personal.

And at a time so focused on close friends and family, that personal touch is what those most in need need the most.

Over the last week, a lot of us shared that photo of a New York Cop giving a homeless man a pair of boots.

But how many of us went looking for somebody we could help in the same way?

Give it a shot. It’s easier than you think. Even knowing that somebody simply cares can make a huge difference in the lives of those who are without this Christmas.

At the end of the day. We’re all they’ve got. Hope on the rocks.

Enjoy Your Sunday.


Chuck Scott said...

Last week I taught the finally class of a Documentary Course at Raindance Toronto. While only a 5 weeks course we tried to get everyone to shoot a short film. One of the films made was about the homeless on the streets of Toronto. The two filmmakers went out and talked to a number of our homeless. They have real stories and if you just talk to them you will find they are real people. In terms of music David Gray's song Breathe is a great look at giving. Thanks for another moving post Jim.

rick mcginnis said...

Unfortunately, the shoeless homeless man story turns out to be more complicated than it appeared. Inasmuch as he wasn't apparently homeless, and he ditched the new boots within days.

rick mcginnis said...

Sorry - there was a link for that: