Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 259: La Luna

I love 3D. Always have.

I can’t remember the first time I saw a 3D movie or what movie it was. But I know I loved it. Loved the experience of things flying out of the screen so believably that you ducked and weaved in your seat to avoid them.

And loved that experience so much that for a couple of years afterward, I’d go to the movies, wolf down my popcorn and spend the first few minutes of the feature transforming the box (popcorn came in boxes back then not tubs) into glasses in the hope of enhancing my film-going experience.

The process of constructing popcorn movie glasses was simple. So simple a child could do it. Tear off the top and bottom flaps to create a rectangular tube. Then fashion the narrow sides into spatulas (the parts of glasses that go over your ears) and shear away enough of the front and back to make room for your head.


A lot of film aficionados will tell you that the end result is a comparable viewing option to the look of most current 3D offerings which appear muddy, dark and less crisp than their 2D HD versions.

I don’t care. I love 3D. The same way I love it when one of those Imax movies they show in museums and science centers flies you over a cliff. It makes the experience real.

Slowly but surely, 3D is coming to the internet. Youtube already has a selection of 3D channels and many other sites are beginning to embed 3D video.

Like movie theatres and 3DTV, you still need glasses to watch these films. And if you don’t have glasses, you can order them for free from any number of online sites.

The National Film Board of Canada will ship you two pair –- and up to ten if you can convince them they’re for institutional use. Simply send your name and address here.

Once you’ve got them, you can watch such lovely little films as the one that follows. Nobody will toss things out of the screen at you, but you’ll still be moved.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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