Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 260: Gravity Is A Mistake

I’m sure my regulars have been wondering about the lack of blogging of late; suspecting this space is soon to mimic all those once iconic Canadian showbiz blogs that have shuffled off to obscurity.

To them and those eagerly living in such hope, I say “no”, I’ve just been stupid busy.

Which is not to be confused with my normal state of busy being stupid.

At the end of periods like this, I am in need of what I call a “Brain Flush”, meaning a wringing out of the internal sponge, clearing the mechanism of all the gunk gathered from too much focus and too little sleep.

Used to be I could do that in an afternoon spent doing something adrenalin fuelled or otherwise lacking an intellectual quotient.

One of my faves in this regard has always been the amusement park. Nothing like the terror of that first drop down a rollercoaster track or unexpected 360 roll in a tin can replica of an F-16 to snap you out of the fog of what has begun to pass for daily life.

If you ask me, Gravity is over-rated. If we all lived with the possibility of suddenly being slingshot off the planet by a momentary change in magnetic polarity we’d be a lot more “in the moment” and a lot less concerned with bullshit like political speeches and cruise ships stained with poo.

As an affectionado of all things amusement park, I’m especially impressed by the physicists and engineers who spend their lives designing new ways to freak the crap out of us.

Therefore, let me introduce you to one of the best in this regard, a man who has never allowed the laws of nature or the frailties of the human body to deter his quest for the ultimate thrill ride.

Enjoy Your Sunday!

The Centrifuge Brain Project from Till Nowak on Vimeo.

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Joel Scott said...

A centrifuge is normally used to separate solids from liquids. In this case it would be Shat from Piss! He should name one of the rides The "Cyclonic Colonic".