Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday #261: Honest Trailers

It’s Oscar night. The hours long televised schmooze-fest dedicated to enshrining the most essential aspect of film making -– how important movies are.

There are a lot of good films competing this year. Solid entertainments with great stories, phenomenal actors, breath-taking special effects and musical scores that sweep us into the fantasy.

And we’ll be assured that every single one of them is –- important.

Not just a good time deliciously augmented with popcorn, a satisfying way to spend a date, a rewarding option to kill an evening, a respite from the real world or just good fun even the kids will get a kick out of.

Nope. These damn things are important.

Real important.

So important your life will be far poorer for missing even one of them.

Because that’s the impression hammered at you with every new trailer trumpeting the coming attractions.

And when a film makes a few bucks or gets some good reviews or is nominated for some trophies, the Hollywood marketing machine is all over us to make sure we understand it’s really because they’re not just good movies –- they’re IMPORTANT.

Nobody has grasped this concept better than the people behind an Internet sensation entitled “Honest Trailers”.

Spawned by the same demented folk who created the essential film website “Screen Junkies”, “Honest Trailers” delivers trailers that instead of hiding the faults and over-hyping the virtues of major Hollywood releases, simply reverses that process, hyping the faults and ignoring the virtues.

And delivering that message with the same “you simply cannot afford to miss this” passion of the modern day trailer.

Movies. Better than ever. And oh so important.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Hettie Ashwin said...

Great blog. your writing is fresh and free of any notions of political correctness. Well done.
I'd like to invite you to join the League of common sense on FB seeing you have common sense in abundance.