Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dylan Rekert is “this close”…

…to fully funding his Kickstarter campaign.

Dylan Rekert is a Vancouver filmmaker carrying on the family tradition of making movies.

And if everybody who got their first job in Canadian movies or television through his father only kicked in a dollar, his short film “Roar” would have been fully funded in an instant.

But with some 50 hours to go (as of noon today -- Wednesday) he stands about $4000 shy of fully funding a supernatural drama about people with extraordinary powers; powers they spend their lives battling to control, and which ultimately consume them.

The project is a collaboration between Rekert and his long-time film partner Stuart Langfield, who both share a background in animation and graphic design as well as commercial film projects.

For a contribution as small as $10, you can be the proud owner of a digital copy of the final product.

In the $25 – $250 range you get to own samples of the kind of print work for which this duo is known…

ROAR Poster 01

And $500 and up gets your name on a Canadian film and some of the way cool limited edition stuff.

C’mon Vancouver, that’s what you’ve been blowing on a night out with the ‘Nucks this season. And how satisfying has that been? Huh?

All the details on the campaign can be found here. And if you’re serious about keeping film production alive on the Left coast, I can’t think of a better way of helping that happen.


Less than 24 hours after this post ran, Dylan and Stuart’s film was completely funded. While I’d love to take some credit, the real heroes here are all the people who stepped up and put it over the top. Thanks to you all. You did a good thing.

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