Saturday, February 22, 2014

How Is This Movie NOT Canadian…?

Oh, we’re so proud and smug today! We beat the USA at the Olympic Hockey rink and we’re on top of the world.

Yep. Give us skates and sticks and we rule. Evermore to be known as hewers of the wood and those who walk on frozen waters…

Yet, we somehow fail to notice that while staring fondly at our vast wilderness of trees, we miss what’s going on in the forest.

Like somebody making a movie you’d have thought a Canadian would have envisioned and exploited long before now.

Not that any government bureaucrat charged with hanging onto his/her job would have ever green-lit it.

But nonetheless, it has arrived.

A film that features not only our native landscape but our national symbol  -- and promises to eat the lunch and beat the box office take of any (perhaps every) film made in Canada this year.

Impossibly simple. So low of budget it wouldn’t even need to take a meeting with Super Channel.

A concept so high, it’s doubtless crossed the minds of half of British Columbia.

A film that not only practically writes itself but shoots in an afternoon and gets cut on the iMac you bought on Friday and plan to return on Monday.

Yeah, we won a hockey game. But some American stole a piece of our culture while we were jumping up and down on the couch.

We really need to broaden our horizons.


Barry Kiefl said...

My bucks are on the Swedes but whoever wins three Blackhawks win gold and three silver.

mikel said...

Oh my god, thats not for real is it? That was too brilliant. How much better would that movie be with more cancon. Tell me those were Toronto kids up in northern ontario! As always, I'm rooting for beaver!