Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Something Nasty In The Woodshed

I first met Craig Jensen about a decade ago when we were teamed on a project that had us hop-scotching North America. And I have to say he’s one of the smartest, nicest, most honest and dedicated artists I know. He’s also blessed with a wicked sense of humor that had us giggling 24/7.

For those who don’t know Craig, he’s a composer, song-writer, musical director and music entrepreneur known for a raft of stage productions in Los Angeles and his native Seattle.

A couple of years ago, he drafted me into a cold reading of a new musical he was working on entitled “Something Nasty in the Woodshed” based on the well known British novel “Cold Comfort Farm” written by Stella Gibbons in 1930.

The book has been mounted for stage and screen and television several times since then, beloved for its outrageous comedy and timeless insights into life, art and dysfunctional family.

Think “Monty Python” meets “Downton Abbey”.

In Craig’s talented hands and with a great book & lyrics by LA writer Hope Burseth, the novel had been transformed into one of the funniest musicals I’ve experienced, leaving both the reading cast and audience helpless with laughter throughout.

A successful theatrical run soon followed and now “Something Nasty in the Woodshed” is on its way to becoming a film with a crowd funding campaign to kick it into life.

But, like I said, Craig’s a bright guy, smart enough to get all his musical ducks in a row first.

His just launched Indiegogo campaign is designed to update and record the score to deliver the full impact of its potential to studio deciders.

The following video, made with the help of Disney animator Michael Spooner, provides a taste of what “Something Nasty in the Woodshed” might be.

We’ve had a lot of success here lately getting crowd funding campaigns to their goals and this one deserves the same kind of support.

Check out the details here and kick in what you can. I guarantee it will be a rewarding experience.


Craig has just informed me that my favorite bit from the reading now opens the second act. A musical moment sadly missing from recent Broadway hits. In a word –- YODELLING!!!

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