Friday, March 06, 2015

Hey, Lets Help ISIS Kill Itself!

The world is consumed with finding a way to end the chaos being spread across the Middle East by the psycho-killers of the Islamic State.

But at ever stage we seem confounded by national, cultural or political concerns that prevent us from stopping the rapes, enslavements and wholesale slaughter of the innocents.

Some don’t want to put “boots on the ground” or their own military in harm’s way. Others worry about offending their own Muslim populations or worse, painting a target on them. A few hope this gang of thugs will simply wear themselves out.

I’ve got an acquaintance who’s both a veteran and a crack shot. And he has wondered aloud if he should make himself available to some mercenary group, like that German Motorcycle gang who has taken up the fight.

Worldwide, guys with recent military experience have done the same, despite their governments trying to talk them out of it, either for their own self-preservation or the self-preservation of those in government who don’t want to commit to action.

It’s as we’re all hamstrung and impotent in the face of true evil.

But today I found this article about how Youtube is making Millions off ISIS. Unintentionally, of course.

It seems the algorithms that really run that place are positioning web ads in front of the combat and recruiting videos ISIS posts.

Of course, Budweiser, Johnson & Johnson and others are none too happy with that and have demanded their ads be removed.

But wait a second…

Maybe this solves the problem for everybody who’d like to see ISIS put to rest.

What if the money those ads earned was simply diverted to a fund that financed a mercenary army to go after these sick dickheads.

The planet is filled with trained mercenaries and soldiers of fortune more than capable of going against ISIS. And this could pay them to do that, plus provide the purchasing power for any arms and equipment they might need.

The World’s governments could simply throw up their hands and say, “Hey, it’s got nothing to do with us!”. And even the corporations involved can’t be held responsible for the position some rogue algorithm has put them in.

ISIS has become extremely adept at feeding their vile message to impressionable losers. But now every video they post would be funding people intent on coming to kill them.

Perhaps we go a step further and append ads for Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage or Red Lobster so the potential recruits have to sit through that before getting amped for Jihad.

Maybe we run ads for NGOs advocating the education of girls and the rights of women, or the importance of preserving ancient relics. Every mind that’s changed becomes one less soldier that new mercenary army has to kill.

I’m telling you, this could work. And as long as our governments remain loathe to confront ISIS, it might be the only option we have.

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