Sunday, March 08, 2015

Lazy Sunday # 366: Day Old Stubble

I’m hurtin’ this morning. And it’s not just the alarm going off an hour earlier than expected.

I’ve had houseguests from Saskatchewan for the last week and you know how we prairie folks get when there’s steaks to BBQ and dill pickle vodka on ice.

So I’m hurtin’. Don’t want to shave. Don’t want to shower. I used to do that a lot on Sundays. People’d ask why I hadn’t shaved and I’d say it was against my religion. Then they’d ask what my religion was and I’d say “Not Shavin’ on Sunday”.

Charming and to the point. The way conversation should be when you’re hurtin’.

Charming and to the point like the wonderful Saskatchewan band “The Rusty Augers”, whose new album I’ve been hearing a lot of this week.

Those of you in the rest of Canada may not have heard of “The Rusty Augers” and that’s a shame. They don’t vote Liberal so that gets them on the “do not encourage” list at the CBC.

Those of you getting border radio out of Yorkton will be familiar with songs like “The Esterhazy Man and The Kamsack Woman” or “George the Government Worker”.

Baseball fans in America are loving “The knuckleball”. All of the above up on Youtube for the rest of you. Or you could pick up the new album “Inaugeration” on iTunes. It’s their fourth, an homage to Gram Parsons by Paul McCorriston and his lovely wife Holly.

It’s a shame so much talent in this country gets ghettoized by the parochial nature of our media. Maybe a bigger shame that like me this morning, they don’t seem inclined to clean up their act.

Enjoy Your Sunday…

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