Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday # 367: The Butterfly Effect

We all know the feeling. You have something to accomplish and you wake up with nothin’.

Coffee. The stimulating effect of the shower. The Alpha state of walking the dog. None of that makes any difference. The Muse has fled.

And then…

There’s a vibe. A glimpse. A whisper of something. A light breeze fans the embers of imagination. Something begins to come…

From where?


What causes the change?

Chaos Theory suggests that the flutter of a Butterfly’s wings in Africa can ignite a Hurricane half a world away.

Could the same be true of creativity?

How about kindness?

I’ve been writing these Lazy Sunday posts for 7 years now. Sometimes they’re concocted weeks in advance. Sometimes they’re stream of consciousness. A lot of Sundays I’ve woken up with nothing.

Like this morning.

And then I saw this story on “CBS Sunday Morning” and wondered at its implications.

I hope it inspires something in your own day –- or your tomorrow – or maybe next week. Science says that the beating of a butterflies wings takes time to become noticeable –- even to those watching it happen.

Enjoy Your Sunday. 

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