Friday, April 18, 2014

Infamous Writers Hockey Pool Report #1

Here we go, Hockey fans! Not even one game into each 2014 Stanley Cup playoff series and we’ve already got rookie unknowns showing up veteran stars, a 3OT and a coach going “nuts” on the referees.

I believe the big show has begun.

This being the first set of standings for the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool and given that two teams have yet to take to the ice, I’ll save further comment until after the weekend.

We’re a smaller group than we’ve ever been here in the pool. Given that there’s only one Canadian team in the running, I guess that’s to be expected.

So let’s just accept that the names below are the true fans of the world’s greatest game and use the extra room in the pool to have some fun.

To that end, I’m extending an open invitation to all pool participants to “guest” on one of these twice weekly reports. Just email something you want to be included and I’ll make sure it gets posted. That includes not only anything you want to write but photos, cartoons, videos and gifs.

Such as my favorite moment from last night:

Herewith the standings. Nobody gets a shout out until all the teams have had the chance to exhibit what they’re bringing to the rink.

1 Jeff Eyamie            14

2 Larry Raskin           12
Jim Henshaw          11
Will Dixon               11
Peter Wildman        8
Sugith Varughese    8
Todd Gordon           7
Will Pascoe             7
Maurey Loeffler      7
Michael Foster        7
Barry Kiefl              7
Allan Eastman       6
Jon Brooks            4

1 comment:

Sugith Varughese said...

Uh, not to rain on the parade or anything, but shouldn't the tied spots be at the higher number? How come I'm tied for 5th, instead of 4th? Just askin'.