Friday, April 25, 2014

Pool Report #3: Hockey Players Are Different

Some, like perennial tough guy Jason Too Too, constantly find a way to make your day.

Some, like Sydney Crosby, the most selected player in this season’s Stanley Cup Pool…

…make you wonder what constitutes star status these days.

Even in the early going, there seem to be a lot of relative unknowns and those we thought we knew showing a different side of themselves and I’m not just talking about the CBC’s Ron Maclean.

Do you get the feeling he might be ready to step aside since his heir apparent (Strombo) could be the last guy to complain about French referees giving the Habs an edge?

But then, would a controversy free HNIC be worth watching? Is it even worth watching now? Am I the only one sensing a mood of defeat as the country’s flagship broadcast entity drifts toward its last publically owned Cup Play-by-Play?

There seems to be a ton of energy at the also about to be hockeyless TSN and on NBC. Not so much at the Mother Corp.

The sideshows surrounding the playoffs aside, the games on the ice have remained terrific. The Blues vs Chicago is turning into a classic match-up. Dallas and Anaheim suddenly got real fun. And who in their right mind expected Columbus and Minnesota to so awesomely refuse to accept underdog status!

But that’s what makes the Stanley Cup playoffs so damn awesome.

Montreal is through to Round Two and a couple more teams may well join them by the time Monday’s Pool report drops.

And there are already some major changes there.

Todd Gordon has shot to the top with Will Dixon and Larry Raskin trading their Place and Show positions from last week. Still anybody’s Pool. Even the loser in the basement.

Like Sydney some of us can take a while to make an impression.


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