Monday, April 28, 2014

Pool Report # 4: Questions Anyone?

Okay, so what did we learn this weekend?

1. Ryan Miller can’t keep the Blues from once again going out in Round one.

2. The Dallas Stars can’t hold it together for two solid minutes no matter how big their lead.

3. Several more guys in Detroit need to retire instead of thinking about retiring.

4. Don’t embarrass LA Coach Daryl Sutter. It inspires him.

5. Columbus might just be better than those guys with all the massive marketing contracts.

And something we didn’t…

How in the world did Peter Wildman decide PK Subban would score 5 points and Brad Marchand wouldn’t get any?

Here we are a week into the Pool with four teams gone and four on the verge. Time to start questioning some of our pool strategies?

In the case of the guy in the basement, it was figuring that a team that manhandled Chicago all season had an upset edge with a star goalie finally on board. So much for that brain wave.

But looking over the standings I’m also wondering if some of the current leaders realized the NHL had moved to a bracket format this year and that their best point hopes are playing against their other best hopes as early as Round Two.

Just saying, I’ll keep the basement warm and dry until one of you gets here. This is far from over and even further from somebody starting to pull away from the pack.

My finally question is this. When did we move to only calling it “overtime” instead of the far more exciting and dramatic “sudden death overtime”?

Is it because nobody actually dies? The influence on “Hockey Night in Canada” of the CBC Drama Department’s well known aversion to conflict -- or just that Jean Claude Van Damme ruined it for everybody?

Herewith the standings. By Friday we’ll be into Round Two and the real self-examinations can begin.

report 4

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