Monday, May 25, 2015

Pool Report: I Slept In

Allow me to explain last week’s absence.

I decided to wait until Anaheim and Chicago had played Game Two last Monday night so there’d be some kind of balance in the number of games being tallied in the pool standings from each series.

And then that game went to Triple overtime which meant that I slept in on Tuesday. And then I figured, “Okay, so I’ll only do one report this week” and then they went to double overtime on Thursday  night so I slept in again and missed that one and…

Well, it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway, since Will Dixon used last week to just kept pulling away from the rest of us. Has ANYBODY ever had this kind of lead in this pool?

I’d be on the verge of declaring him our 2015 Champ except there’s the possibility Anaheim might win one of these marathon barn-burners or Ben Bishop might take another puck to the nuts putting Uncle Willis in a tailspin.

Stranger things have happened around here.

So don’t give up hope, guys –- except for me, Brooks and Pascoe. We can all go concentrate on scaring up Italian-Armenian co-pros or something.

The standings as Round Three gets down to “Best of Three” series in both divisions – Will Dixon continues to lead with Chris Sheasgreen and Wil Zmak giving chase.


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